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Moodle Conferences (often referred to as Moots) are held globally all year round. Their intent is to pull educators, learning designers, managers and system administrators together to share their knowledge and passion for all things Moodle  - this is the most popular open-source Learning Platform, trusted by organisations and institutions, large and small, with millions of users all over the world.



Moodle LMS

Moodle is a software package for producing internet-based courses and web sites. It's an ongoing development project designed to support a social constructionist framework of education. The project is currently directed by its founder, Martin Dougiamas. 

The design and development of Moodle is guided by a particular philosophy of learning, a way of thinking that you may see referred to in shorthand as a "social constructionist pedagogy". 

Moodle is provided freely as Open Source software (under the GNU Public License). Basically this means Moodle is copyrighted, but that you can edit and customise the software to suit your needs. Due to this, Moodle has an active online community of developers who are constantly adding to the application the needs put forward by todays teachers. 

The word Moodle was originally an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning  Environment, which is mostly useful to programmers and education theorists. It's also a verb that describes the process of lazily meandering through something, doing things as it occurs to you to

do them, an enjoyable tinkering that often leads to insight and creativity. As such it applies both to the way Moodle was developed, and to the way a student or teacher might approach studying or teaching an online course. Anyone who uses Moodle is a Moodler. 

Benefits Include:

  • Promotes a social constructionist pedagogy (collaboration, activities, critical reflection, etc)
  • Suitable for 100% online classes as well as supplementing face-to-face learning
  • Simple, lightweight, efficient, compatible, low-tech browser interface
  • Easy to install on almost any platform that supports PHP. Requires only one database (and can share it).It’s free. No cost to buy.
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