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Martin Dougiamas

Martin is best known as the founder of the Moodle, the popular free course management system used by millions of teachers around the world. As the Executive Director of Moodle Pty Ltd in Perth, Western Australia, he leads the team of software developers at the heart of the Moodle project and the global community of 54 Moodle Partner service companies that help provide funding for this independent open source software project.

Martin has a mixed academic background with post-graduate degrees in Computer Science and Education. He continues to focus on researching how educators approach internet-based education. His major goal for the future is to improve the quality of education by encouraging social constructions and collaborative practices within online learning communities. For further information, visit



Dr. Glenn Singleman M.B.,B.S. Sydney University

Dr. Singleman is Australia's most experienced expedition Doctor. He has been on countless expeditions to remote parts of the world including Antarctica, Mt Everest, the Karakorum Himalaya in Pakistan, the Garhwal Himalaya in India, and on a number of deep ocean explorations, including the Deep Sea Challenge expedition in 2012 to the Mariana Trench, with Hollywood Director James Cameron. Here in Australia Dr. Singleman is medical director for many ultra sporting events including 'The North Face 100' and the 'Big Red Run' in the Simpson Desert. Dr. Singleman also holds a number of world records in Extreme Sport. He has post graduate qualifications in Communications, Underwater Medicine and Remote and Rural Medicine. He has been working at the San for over ten years both in Emergency and Intensive Care.

Session Outline - Extreme Medicine 

Dr. Singleman will share his experiences caring for the medical health of teams on remote expeditions, together with his processes of critical care management, leadership and peak performance.

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