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Moodle Masterclass

The Moodle MasterClass is a full day workshop targeted at Educators who are familiar with the basics of Moodle and are looking at innovative ways to use this Open Source tool to better engage their audience in both Blended or Pure Online learning environments. If you are looking at taking your Moodle use to the next level and are looking for proven examples of effective use of the more advanced functionality that Moodle provides, then this session is for you!

Included in this workshop is:

  • Creating engaging courseware using Orphaned items, Labels and HTML blocks
  • Moodle 2 repositories
  • Completion tracking
  • Creating engaging content with conditionals
  • Use of more advanced Moodle tools including
    • Workshop

    • Database

    • Wiki's
    • Use of Moodle rubrics
  • Advanced uses of Core tools including:
    • Glossary
    • Choice
    • Feedback
  • An overview of popular and Stable 3rd party Moodle plugins to enhance your courses
  • Overview of all latest features relating to the newest Moodle release.


Expert Facilitator: Shane Elliott, Managing Director, Pukunui International

Shane Elliott is the Managing Director of Pukunui International, a leading online education services company. 

Pukunui is an official Moodle & Mahara partner company. Shane has been involved with Moodle since it's earliest days, initially as a developer with Moodle HQ and then set up Pukunui as one of the first Moodle partner companies to provide professional services to organisations implementing e-learning. 

He continues to be closely involved with Moodle development and is a highly experienced consultant/trainer.

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