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Effective way of monitoring Accreditation courses
by Mark Whitington - Saturday, 22 November 2014, 4:38 PM

Hi all,

I am keen to find out how others amongst us manage Accreditation type courses. (eg National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards)

We have tried a new course each year, but this does not yield appropriate reports for management. That is manages want to know when the user last completed the course... not just the accumulation since January 1.

We are exploring the idea of ongoing courses where staff revisit and repeat assessments. This works until a Moodle quiz requires updating. We then have multiple quizzes to consider without considering dates when completion occurred.

We are considering the use of scorm assessments where the scorm file can be replaced without any loss of previous records. That said it would appear that some scorms are not saved into the grades book if using IE11 or if the internet connection is poor.

We have just installed Configurable reports in addition to our custom built course reporting tool. The custom tool reports course completion with a corresponding date but at this stage does not link courses.

I would love to hear about what you are doing especially if you have a successful solution to ongoing course monitoring/reporting. I am looking forward to mingling with like-minded people at this conference.



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Re: Effective way of monitoring Accreditation courses
by Alexander Roche - Sunday, 23 November 2014, 4:53 AM

Hi Mark

James Naismith and I are presenting on this exact topic at 3pm on Friday at the Moot. 

Specifically we will be working through a solution for managing professional development and training in the context of compliance and reporting against the NSQHS standards. Please come along as we would appreciate your feedback on the solution.


Using the Learning Management System (LMS) to manage compliance with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards

standards.jpgA look at using competency hierarchies and tracking to manage the achievement and reporting on compliance with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. We will look at a worked example of this framework in action and how it manages the process of achieving the required learning while also minimising and managing risk of compliance failure. 

Alexander Roche BSc MA App Ling, Director and Principal Educational Technologist, Androgogic

James Naismith RN,CCRN, Director RUN Learning

Alexander%20Roche.jpgAlexander Roche is the Director and Principal Educational Technologist, Androgogic. Alexander has specialised in Educational Technology since the early 1990s and has led online learning companies for more than two decades. These include executive posts with global online education company NextEd (Vice President, IT), the University of NSW (Chief Technical Officer, Educational Testing Centre), Australia LMS vendor, e-cademy (Chief Technical Officer, Executive Director and Public Company Board Director) and currently Androgogic which hosts approximately 1 million learners in several hundred LMS installations. 

Alexander was Chief Architect on the Rural and Remote Medical Education Online (ROMEO) project in 2000 and has since led projects bringing approximately 300,000 health care workers into online education programs. 

James%20Naismith.jpgJames Naismith is the Director of RUN Learning. James' experience includes 10 years with Eastern Health in Melbourne as a Clinical Nurse Educator.

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Re: Effective way of monitoring Accreditation courses
by Mark Whitington - Monday, 24 November 2014, 2:39 PM


I had hoped that your session would assist us with this issue. I will look forward to hearing your suggestions/options.



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